Winway FREE Credit

*Free Credit RM5* Opening hours (Limited) every night from 8pm~12am, 333pcs daily {3,333pcs on weekends} Until all rewards are given out only ~

1. Welcome to the “Winway” platform. The company will specially provide free credit RM5.00 for the majority of players, let you try it for free.

2. “Winway” provides an additional RM5.00 experience bonus so that you can play more and more exciting games, each account can only receive once.

3. Players need to accumulate turnover by participating in eligible casino games.

4. The player’s total turnover is calculated based on his valid bet in the casino games.

5. After receive this bonus is forbidden to bet on lottery and designated slot game “Huawei, Mega888, Pussy888, Xe88”; only allowed to bet on live game, slot machines and sport.

6. Each player can only have one player account for real-name authentication and it is not encouraged for a player to have multiple accounts. If any registered players are found to have arbitrage behavior, the “Winway” company has the right to cancel the bonus qualification.
You sent
[ Need to collect quickly, if you miss it you need to come back tomorrow! ]*
If the “Collect” button does not light up, it means the reward is finished~

Please Take Note —- the below register link only support


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