12Play also scam website !!!!!!

before 2 weeks ago, kena new web we88 scam for 5k, I ask the 12play web is it same like we88 they said not, bcoz I play this web many years, so I still trust it but I beware just deposit few hundred, today I naik kereta again, deposit 200, placebet bayern munich win 192, on 5am submit withdraw 392, but after 1 hour still not saw money, and status still new request, livechat to ask, oh shit, they said need security checking, I ady feel my money cool cool ady, mean fly away

now wait 1 day they still claim they not scam but need investigate, if like this I

throw the money 392   to begger better, show for this web 392 also not willing pay.

now away beware of we88, 12play, winclub they also same web maybe same operator!!!

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